Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that gradually destroys memory and the ability of the brain to think properly, leading the inability of the human body to do the simplest of activities. It is usually caused by the death and damage of the neurons in our brain. Neurons transmit messages between various parts of the brain, and from the brain to muscles and organs in the body. The damage takes place where the brain memory is involved. It gradually starts affecting the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for reasoning, language and other social attributes. The condition of the brain gradually starts to detoriate leading to further more damage of the brain.

Symptoms Associated with Alzheimer’s

Forgetfulness commonly termed as memory loss are the initial signs that our observed in Alzimer’s. Although the symptoms might differ from person to person, an individual suffering from this neurodegenerative condition finds it very challenging to do daily activities like making a meal, driving a car.

Alzeimer’s disease hampers the quality of life of an individual, certian symptoms may include

  1. May ask the same question several time.
  2. May get lost easily in a known surrounding.
  3. May find simple things very confusing.
  4. May lose things and keep them in odd places.
  5. May just stop during a conversation and start another activity.
  6. May get worried, anxious and violent.

Stem Cells Therapy for Alzheimer in India

With our team of experts and State of the Art Technology we have mastered the art to isolate maximum number of viable stem cells from autologous source (Bone Marrow and Adipose). Once derived these cells are thoroughly checked and administered to the patient under supervision or our expert Doctors.

These cells once infused reach to the damaged part of the brain and start repairing the damaged area enhancing new neurons to regenerate and improving the overall functionality of the brain and slowing down the progression of the disease.

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