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MR. ASHOK Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Therapy was like a walk in the park as compared to a Knee Replacement. I was out of the hospital in just few hours. I had a little bit of pain that day however the next day I could walk comfortably after many days of pain and discomfort.


After going for Stem Cells Therapy, I am feeling extremely energetic. With due course of time I was able to go out for small walks since I was just confirmed to my Bed. Every month I am feeling better and my stamina has improved with my Medication also reduced to the minimum.

MR. HARRY Osteoarthritis

Hi, my Name is Harry, my daughter Amelia is 10 years. She is suffering from Autism and some developmental delays. We came this year in May for Stem Cells Therapy to Medtravellers from the second Month we noticed several changes, some pretty immediate with ability to read a little. Her ability to converse has been much better. Better vocabulary. Better usage of words and sentences have made her more confident and we as parents are feeling delighted to see that now she can express a lot of things which we thought she would never. Her muscles power and coordination has also improved, we are expecting a lot of other positive improvements in her in the next few months to come.


My Name is Andrew I had Hip pain and leg pain all the way to the foot and neuropathy in both feet. After the Stem Cells Therapy at Medtravellers the second day, I could feel an improvement in my leg, and a couple of days later the leg pain was gone all the way down to the feet.

I have been able to walk half a mile non-stop, however prior to the stem cell procedure I was able to walk only for 3 minutes and had to sit and rest. There was no pain during the procedure, or afterwards. The staff was extremely supportive, professional and friendly. The next day I was discharged from the Hospital.

MR. ARTHER Osteoarthritis

Hello, my Name is Arther I had knee issues for many years. My doctor told me that I require knee replacement several years ago, and the damage was too extreme to do only a partial knee replacement. I lived with the pain and when I was at the point of replacing the knee I found out about Stem Cell Therapy at Medtravellers. I got the procedure and for over a year I have been able to do things I was unable able to do in a lot of years. I am still amazed at how effective the treatment is.

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